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Author: Bella Falls
Publisher: Evermore Press
Series: Southern Relics Cozy Mysteries
Genre: Paranormal Romance, Cozy Mystery
Rating: 4 Stars
Medium: Audio Book

After a hurricane hits the Crystal Cove, an old pirate ship and the myths behind the ship and the owner of the ship, notorious pirate Captain “Bonny Anne” Bonnet, a race to find her treasure befalls our story.

Honestly, I think this was my favorite of the books so far. I loved the pirates, the history, and the treasure hunt that we take part in from the perspective of Ruby Mae.

Spoilers beyond this point.

I have to say that I love both of the starts of this book – the dip into the past with the prologue of the book to set up the treasure hunt we’ll be going on and helping us start already in the history of the events – but also just watching Ruby Mae and Luke as they walk along the cost and learn about the pirates themselves. The interaction with Cane’s son is honestly just the absolute cutest, as was the inclusion of the fun way to ‘find your pirate’ name.

I loved the dive into the mystery and the riddles that had to be figured out, coupled with the fact that they were in a race against someone else to try and the treasure because they weren’t the only ones hunting it. Though, thankfully, they had magic on their side to assist them.

As well, I actually liked the inclusion of Charli and Mason from Honeysuckle Hollow joining us for this adventure, on loan from their town. It helped both with Charli’s magic helping to draw her toward the treasure, but it was also kind of fun to get a glimpse of them from another character’s perspective.

Over all, I really loved the story, especially how it ended and what the treasure really was. It was a really sweet story to be told and I was glad to join the hunt and the resolution.