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Author: Tess Lake
Publisher: Tess Lake
Series: Torrent Witches
Genre: Paranormal Romance, Cozy Mystery
Rating: 4 Stars
Medium: Audio Book

An arsonist is hitting Harlot Bay, buildings around town going up and while one might have been looked at as faulty wiring, but too many buildings are going up. What’s worse is that there’s a sleazy real estate developer sniffing around Torrent Mansion wanting the property, a teen slip witch who’s angry at life (as teenagers misunderstood are), and her boyfriend is a little AWOL right now and unable to help her.

– Potential spoilers –

Shortly after a real estate developer makes an offer, then threats after the family refuse to sell Torrent Masion to him, the family bakery goes up in flames. Not the first of the fires in town, but also not the last. No, every time Harlow seems to have a feeling about a building, to check a place out, later that night the place goes up in flames.

So when an arson specialist comes into town to try and help the local police solve these fires to find out what’s going on, he puts his sights on Harlow. Who wouldn’t find it suspicious that she was one of the last people at the place that just ended up in flames.

It doesn’t help that she’s also under stress because the Bakery her family owned was funding the Mansion’s renovation and now the primary business that kept the family okay is going under. Things are starting to be stressful not just for her and her family. But time is running out to solve this whodunit before she’s arrested and taken in herself, blamed for fires she didn’t start. All while trying to help her grandmother with the teen slip witch that is still trying to understand her powers – something only Gran and Harlow can understand as slip witches themselves.

Another good installment of the series as we continue to dig deeper into the Torrent Family, and we definitely get a better understanding of slip witches because in this one we’re helping a new, untrained slip witch.