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Author: Tess Lake
Publisher: Tess Lake
Series: Torrent Witches
Genre: Paranormal Romance, Cozy Mystery
Rating: 4 Stars
Medium: Audio Book

The Annual Gold Mud Run has come to Harlot Bay and its adjacent island off the coast, Truer Island. When Harlow finds the skeletons of a man and a little girl on the island, she’s pulled into the investigation by the ghost of a little girl. The further she digs into the mystery and the link between the girl and the skeletons, the more dangerous it gets for her because whoever killed and left them on the island doesn’t want her to find out the truth.

– – – Potential spoilers beyond this point – – –

It doesn’t help that for the last six weeks prior Harlow was frozen in place while she had carefully and magically taken care of the magical monster that had been doing the killings from the Butter Festival.

Everything had changed while Harlow was frozen in time. Her cousins had found love, the family mansion had started to undergo renovations to turn it into a bed and breakfast, and the man she’d accidentally stood up on a date with because she’d been frozen left town and is now back. The biggest thing she’s not taking well to is Jack Bishop’s return because he’s been looking to see and talk to her. Not that she wants to cross that bridge yet.

Her family had come up with some crazy travel plans to explain why she’d been missing for the last six weeks. Not that it really helps any because she’s still trying to wrap her head around everything that she’s missed.

The strive to work out the little ghost girl that suddenly kept appearing to her was so sweet as I read it, and I loved that she fought so hard to find out what happened to the little girl and her father, to help them find peace together in the end so they could move on.

How she does that, well, it wasn’t the easiest time for her, dodging both the potential boyfriend interest and the murderer trying to put her down so she’ll stop looking into this. Coupled with trying to keep her online newspaper running after six weeks of being dead to updates, well it’s a lot on her plate that will keep you reading and curious through to the end.