My Books

The list of my work is short right now, but it is ever growing.

Treasure of the Deep


Treasure of the Deep — Short Story — Can be purchased Here.
Kari is a headstrong Princess who loves to explore the ocean floor around her. Treasure is always something she loves scouring for in the shipwrecks, but will it be her heart that ends up the treasure when she saves a diver from a shark attack?







Fresh Scars — Short Story — Can be purchased Here.
After a chance run in with a wolf and earning a bite, Ava tries to move forward with her life, but things start to shift as she learns about a world that she never knew existed.







The Reaping — Short Horror Story — Can be purchased here.
While their parents are away Katie and Josh watch as a dark storm rolls into town. With it, strange shadows lurking outside their window can be seen outside the house.

What are the strange shadows outside the in the rain?
Are Katie and Josh just jumping at shadows?





Cocky Dragon Slayer — Short Story — Can be purchased here.
Wanting to prove her worth, Eiliana strives to slay a dragon.
But when she arrives at a town with a dragon that flies over daily, things are not entirely what they seem and her past is far from buried.

Will Eiliana slay the dragon? Will she get eaten?
Only a climb to the dragon’s lair will tell.








The Opening — Short Story — Can be purchased here.
April’s life isn’t where she’d hoped it would be right now. Dead end job that barely makes rent, rent raising so she won’t be able to afford it, no something needs to change. And maybe the interview her friend sets up for her will be that change she desperately needs.









Pups & Picnics  — Short — Can be purchased Here.
As a submissive in the pack, Rose needs the support of her mate Hanna when she decides that the Earth Day celebration should be about more than just getting drunk and rutting in the woods.







ftow2 cover


Following the Old Ways — Short Story — Can be purchased here.
Kassandra’s town is committed to Following the Old Ways in that every few years they round up the virgins of the town and one is picked by lottery to sate the demands of the dragon. But what happens when the dragon finds out that Kassandra is not as virginal as she is supposed to be?

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