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Author: Bella Falls
Publisher: Evermore Press
Series: Southern Relics Cozy Mysteries
Genre: Paranormal Romance, Cozy Mystery
Rating: 3 Stars
Medium: Audio Book

I have to say that I did enjoy this one more than the first, maybe the characters are starting to grow on me as I get into the book and their story a little more.

While attending the wedding of a friend, the night is going beautifully and even Ruby Mae and Luke are having a good time. However, at the reception, the groom is stabbed and of course Ruby is on the hunt to find out who had tried to kill Harrison and why.

Potential spoilers beyond this point.

I feel like our main character, Ruby Mae has either grown a little between this book and the last, or maybe the author is getting a slightly better handle on the character as a whole. She feels a little more her age, a little more wise, because when she starts to dig into the attempted murder, she actually reaches out for help. Instead of thinking she can do it alone, and blundering her way through the mystery, by asking for aid of the head of the coven she’s granted access to the library for her research.

But also by asking for help, she’s not alienating people by making sneaky decisions and moving forward against people’s wishes. I found that I liked that she wasn’t only asking for the help but also listening to others. It made the mystery flow well and I enjoyed getting to know the other members of the coven that she’s been bonding with since joining.

Over all the mystery was weaved well throughout the story, and I loved that the key item for this mystery was a magical sewing machine. I think it’s so interesting and smart on how it was presented and used in the story. It was also interesting that the company came to collect the item at the end, giving a hint at just how much that’s going on in the outside world, away from our little town we’re not seeing. As a reader, I enjoy knowing that the authors are aware of the world even if we only get a hint of the world continuing to move on its own outside our scope. Knowing there might be other stories that might get told later in this same world.