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I could say that I missed last Monday’s blog post because we had a storm! We lost power! All of which is true. About 4pm on Monday last week, a storm rolled in with tornado level winds and knocked my power out within a minute of the storm hitting my area and about five minutes before any actual rain happened. And we were left in the dark until about 10pm, which is luckier than some of the people I know who were without power for up to two days. Overall, the storm lasted maybe an hour and disappeared East rather quickly. But I also can’t deny that the post should have been written before 4pm on Monday as well.

The truth of the matter is that work gets to me and everything else kind of falls to the wayside. Which is not a good thing and I’m working to rectify it but it takes time.

Saturday before my missed Monday I was feeling super caged in with this whole stay at home order, so Mom and I went out to the Arboretum – wearing masks when around people but for the most part not too many people because large tree and plant area with lots of paths to walk and super limited in how many people come in over an hour to ensure limited interaction between visitors.

I was able to get some nice photos while we were there. Which is something that I always love to be able to do. It felt good to get out, spend some time really outside with some nature, and getting some sun. Yes, I can get sun in my backyard but it’s not the same with the neighbors talking on either side, someone playing music and the traffic noise from half a block away because we live off a busy street just an alley away.  There’s something a lot more relaxing about being able to go somewhere that’s quiet and for the most part just you and the trees and the bees.

And Sunday was spent mostly just vegging out to some Stardew Valley – it’s my go to game when I need to just relax and chill and get out of my head because it’s such a chill game.

And then the work week started again, and time just flew by. It seems to be doing that a lot lately. I never really know where the week goes, if I’m being honest. Even when I have enough to show that I’m being productive, it still feels like the day is gone before I really blink, and then it’s the weekend again and I need to try and rest before more work starts again.

I’m looking to really start getting back into writing again. I’ve probably said that before in posts, but I do mean it every time I say it. I want to get back on schedule, to get more words in, and to really get more stuff getting out in the world. Which means continuing to carve out some time to do that every week, and every day of said week.

I’ve also decided to try doing a million words in a year. All words technically. So like, the blog would count toward it, as would any non-fiction words I write – like my dabbling in RP, plus my actual original words.

I have a few plots that have been kicking around my head, begging to be written. And I really want to get my one Fae novel finished so I can get it out in the world. So lots of plans. I also want to see if there’s any way to get myself on like a full schedule – in so far as, have edits done by X, this idea plotted by Y, and first draft finished by Z to get a fairly good pace. I just also don’t want to push myself. The more stress I feel towards something, the more I tend to roll away from it.  Which wouldn’t be good either.

For the right this second, as I type it, it’s all just hand wavy plans. But I’m looking to make good on them all.

How is your August going so far? Can you believe we’re half way through it?