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May has not been a completely great month for me. I completely missed posting a blog post last week. And I nearly missed posting one this week. In my area, we’ve had serious storms in and out – which has caused havoc for my basement, but also for my head.

I spent most of last week wearing a hat at work to save my head from the fluorescent lights, ingesting pain meds like candy (pain meds are not candy and do not recommend unless you actually need said pain meds for pain), and trying to focus on keeping myself going. It was a long week, one that had been cut a day short because I actually called in sick one day and stayed burrowed in a blanket cave in a dark room sleeping most of the day.

Chronic head issues? No fun. It’s something I’ve always worked and pushed through but I’ve never had one issue stretch on for over a week. Work was slow, writing and reading were even slower. And sadly I missed my blog last week. But I was able to catch it this week, thankfully. I’m still alive. I’ve got tomorrow off for a small business expo thing – which may only take the morning so I can hopefully spend the afternoon enjoying the warm 70’s and maybe actually get some writing done now that my head has started to clear up.

I will say despite my head, I have been able to crawl along in the short fiction workshop I’ve been participating in. I’ve gotten two of the shorts done so far, and am working on the third. Little 500 word snippets. It’s interesting to sit there and try to concisely say what you want, get the point across, bring compelling characters, and get everything wrapped up decently in 500 words. And when you find yourself like ten words over, trying to figure out where you can cut? Totally not easy, but it really makes you think about your word choices better. It’s been an interesting experience.

An experience I should get back to. That and editing my current WIP!

How is your May going? Hopefully well! Until next time!