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I normally love St. Patty’s Day. Not so much the green beer, and drinking until you fall on your face. I love the corn beef and cabbage, Irish soda bread, the music, and the fact that I’m a little Irish doesn’t hurt either.

This year though, there was no corn beef, no Irish soda bread, and no alcohol of any kind. Just me, keeping my foot elevated because I had some serious pain.

What happened? I honestly wish I knew.

If you’ve been over on my Twitter, you probably saw this issue. I woke up Friday night at 11pm (after having gone to bed around 9pm) to searing pain in the toe next to my big toe on my left foot. I don’t remember anything from 9-11pm that night. I do remember at 11pm getting up and having to move something that was in my doorway so I could get out of my room – my cats are constantly knocking things onto the floor and in my way. But if I had hit it previously that night? I couldn’t tell you. I have no memory.

The pain – even after pain killers were taken – kept me up until 3am. I wasn’t sure if I had broken it, just a really bad stubbed it job, or what.

When I finally did wake up, the pain wasn’t far behind. An ever constant sharp throb, like someone was stabbing needles into my toe. The strange thing is, for all the pain – there was no bruising or discoloration in the toe or anywhere on my foot. The toe looked fine. Normal color, normal lean toward my pinky toe like my big toe had shamed it. When taking care because it hurt to even touch or poke, the bones felt solid and fine.

I spent two solid days in pain with my foot elevated and my pained toe taped to its neighbor for support and stability. Living in a two story house, I was practically confined to my bedroom because stairs were the worst of all with this.

You’re probably wondering, why didn’t you go to a doctor or urgent care?

Because honestly, with the bones being whole, there’s nothing they can do for my foot that I wasn’t already doing. Pain management, immobilizing the toe by taping it to something solid, keeping off it and keeping it elevated. I will admit I went back and forth a couple times on if I should. But in the end, even if it was broken, they don’t put a cast on a toe. They line it up, tape it up, and tell me to do everything I was already doing. So was it worth it to spend the money for an emergency visit and X-ray? Not to mention the amount of time I would spend waiting to be seen by someone, waiting for the test, then the results, and then the solution.

Monday I went back to work on it, but even at work I’ve been making sure to keep off it as much as possible.

It’s Wednesday now, I’m a couple days late with this post, I know. But it’s been busy at work and I crash almost as soon as I get home. So it’s been a long week already. And the toe is starting to heal. I left it untaped last night and it seemed to do okay. Though, I’ve taped it again for work today. If I have to be up and moving I want it secure.

This has been a real life update more than a writing update. But honestly with the amount of pain I was in I didn’t get any writing or editing done this weekend like I had hoped. I was barely able to concentrate on watching tv or sleep. Next week should be a better update. I hope at least.

I hope that your St. Patty’s Day was far more fun than mine. Did you do anything fun? Go out anywhere interesting?