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Happy Spring! (Said from the town that’s currently 23 degrees and anticipating snow)

I know that the first day of Spring was a while ago, back in March. I know that Easter isn’t the first day of Spring. But there’s just something about the Holiday that makes it feel more real, that Spring is here. Well, usually that’s the case. I think it’s because my Aunts, Mom and I have a tradition where we always give each other flowers on Easter. My one aunt ALWAYS gives Pansies. My other aunt finds something interesting. And Mom and I always find one flower that seems cool or is new to give to each of my aunts.

The flower featured above is one of the flowers mom and I got this year. It’s so pretty and I love how the center of the flower is hooded and facing the ground. It’s the tiniest little thing too – only stands about two inches tall.

Reading and Writing wise, my brain is kind of like, holy cow, it’s April. When did it become April? Why is it April?

I finished editing chapter two, which I think I mentioned previously. And noticed one minor flaw leading into chapter three. Namely that in chapter two, the main character sees death for the first time, and in chapter three, and the rest of the book, there’s no dealing with what she saw. So chapter three needs to be edited and expanded to have her work through what she saw, what it means, etc.

On the reading front, I think I got like three chapters of a book read. So my March TBR list will be migrating over to my April list. I want to read all the books that are on it, and I want to sit down and follow through with my reading. I hate that I haven’t really been reading. Too much work, in the grand scheme of things I think. I’m not sure if the TBR list deserves it’s own post because I’m just shuffling everything over, but I might do one anyway. Reestablish what’s on my list for myself and everyone reading this.

What have you been reading? Anything you’d suggest? Leave a comment below!