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So, one of the fun things I ordered for myself that now arrives every month are these amazing OwlCrate boxes. If you’re interested in the subscription, you can check out their website here.

And, because I do feel like I need to say it just in case – though everyone should have it because it’s March, there will be spoilers for what is in the crate below.

February’s Theme was Hidden Worlds

The first thing that I saw when I opened the box is the beautiful card. The back of it has all the spoilers on it, listing what is in the box, and who it’s made by.

The two items hidden in the paper crinkles are the monthly button that has part of the image from the spoiler card on it. There’s also a little magazine in the box, which is the only thing not pictured in this post.

There’s also a candle nestled in those papers. The candle was created by Books on Candle, the scent is called ‘Through the Wardrobe’ and smells of pine, vanilla, and mint. A wonderful little nod to Chronicles of Narnia.

The next item I discovered as I opened my box was a zippered pouch. Not sure about you, but I’m always needing more of these. I have too many writing supplies – as a writer and artist – but you could also use it to store make-up or anything else you might want to keep hidden. The pouch is inspired by Daughter of Smoke and Bone and illustrated by artist Risa Rodil.

You can kind of see the next item under the pouch. It’s fairly big. It’s a beautiful wall tapestry. I’m still trying to find where to put it in my house, but soon – Soon – I’ll find somewhere to put it. It was designed by the very talented Evie Bookish.

Under both of those was a a very cute velvet pouch, and inside was a button key necklace. Never again be apart from your way to your Other Mother with this Coraline inspired key pendant designed by the OwlCrate team. (You may have already seen this item, as I used it a couple weeks ago in one of my posts.)

There was also this adorable Alice in Wonderland sticker, featuring Alice and the White Rabbit. The artist that designed it is Naomi Lord. It’s super cute, and I’m trying to find the perfect spot to stick it in.

And we have the book itself for the box. This month’s book is The Hazel Wood by Melissa Albert! The cover of the book follows OwlCrate’s normal practice of altering the cover so it’s a little more special for the OwlCrate subscribers. It comes with a letter from the author – not pictured here – and a set of stickers inspired by the book. As well, the book is signed by the author – which makes it even a little more special.


The brief synopsis, provided by OwlCrate, is:

Alice and her mother have always been on the run; trying to escape the never-ending bad luck that seems to follow them at every turn. When Alice’s grandmother, the author of a beloved collection of sinister fairy tales, passes away on her estate, the Hazel Wood, life goes from bad to worse. Alice’s mother is kidnapped by one of the characters from her grandmother’s stories! Alice will have to team up with Ellery Finch (who happens to be a huge fan of her grandmother’s book and may have ulterior motives for helping her), and journey to the Hazel Wood in hopes of saving her mother.

This is definitely a book that I will be adding to my TBR for next month. =) And I have to say, this is my third box – I started my subscription back in December – and I love every item that’s in the box.

March’s Crate Theme is Across the Galaxy and I’m super excited to get it. It should be shipping soon – as I write this up. I’m hoping to get March’s Crate unboxing up before April! And once again, f you’re interested in getting your own subscription, you can check out their website here.