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Hello Lovely readers. I love Build-A-Bear and may have a mild addiction to them. I can’t help it. They’re so soft, snuggly, and just bring me cheer on a bad day or week.

Please note, totally not a paid shout out for the company. I just have a deep love for them. I got an email Friday that they came out with a new Girl Scout bear. Which prompted a trip to go get her – I have all the Girl Scout bears because I grew up a Girl Scout. (If you’re wondering, this is the fifth bear in the Girl Scout set for BaB). I also have the main six My Little Pony BaBs.

For some reason, last week ended up being really stressful and I ended up super sensitive and not feeling the world/people/job much. So this little doll coming out really brightened my day. And I can’t have naked bears, so I had to get her some super cute clothes as well. Naturally. I think the only naked BaBs I have are the My Little Ponies.

She came in especially well Sunday because I got sick and nauseous and ended up sleeping 90% of my Sunday away. What little I was awake for it, I read. I’m really working on reading Message of the Crow by Ellen Dugan because it’s been on my TBR for the last three months and I really want to finish this book. I’m on chapter three now! Getting there. My motivation is low, so my reading speed has slowed down a bit.

I’m still working on it, and getting things done as I can. I’m trying to not let life stop me, inch along if it slows me down but not stop completely. Still working on edits, but at 20+ chapters, the edits will take a bit. But I’ll get it! I refuse to not!

How is your March going so far? Getting things done? Is the month feeling a little draggy for you too?

Of course, some of my drag today could probably be associated with both not feeling well yesterday and the fact that Daylight Savings was yesterday so I lost an hour.