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Hello! Welcome to the first Monday of March! I hope that you’re March is going well so far. This post is a little late, but it’s still being posted on Monday! So it counts!

My March is kind of middle ground at the moment. So far, so good with making my posts on time, on Mondays. But then, we only really have this post to go on for the time being. As it’s the first Monday in March. And to be far the rest of the month, while intentions are hopes are high, it’s massively TBD.

I was able to finish editing chapter two of my novel and will be starting chapter three ASAP. That has me fairly excited, to get another chapter done – I finished editing it last night.

So in that respect I can definitely say I’m doing well.

I was also able to get a little writing done. Not a lot. Like two pages worth. But still, writing is writing and all writing is good writing – if only because it means that pen is connecting to paper (or fingers are connecting to keyboard) and words are coming out. I’m struggling with this current project because I’m seriously trying to figure out if it should be first person or third person. I’ve never really worked in first person before so I don’t know if the struggle is partially because I haven’t done it before or if it’s just not working and I should flip back to third. At the same time, it’s something I want to figure out soon – because I don’t want to get half way into the story only to turn around and re-write it the other way.

We’ll see. Maybe I just need a little more progression before I decide though.

On a not so great note, my washer broke. Mid cycle. So Sunday had a lot of time spent at a laundromat to finish the clothes that were all soapy, wash the other load that needed to be done, and then stop to purchase a new washer. Thankfully the store had a sale on, and the new one will be here next Saturday. But it’s a stress that really didn’t need to be added to the already frustrating basement flooding issues.

I’m hoping to continue to get some writing and editing done this week. And some reading as well. All the plans, and I’m slowly but surely carving out time for everything I need and want to do.

Hope that March is going well for everyone else! Any fun projects on the docket to be completed this month? Let me know down in the comments!