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kittneThis weekend has been amazingly helpful for my word count. Today it helped some that it was way too cold to really go out and do too much with all the snow and ice. So I stayed in my room, on my computer and just worked on my story. You’d think I’d have more than three thousand words for an all day toiling away, but really, I’ll be honest, I got distracted by some of my video games during this time too.

World of Warcraft and Sims 4 are serious loves of mine. I have Fallout 4 too, but I’ve been saving that as a reward for my finishing NaNo. There’s a new Sims 4 expansion pack out Dec. 10th as well that that will be a reward for my finishing. There’s going to be some hard core Simming when that expansion comes out, and I can not wait. But until then, totally writing more! And I’m inching back to where I should be.

And right now, I’m so fantastically happy with the little over 6k that I was able to get this weekend. Here’s hoping I can keep the momentum during the work week. Wish me luck! =)

(And if you’re wondering, the kitten in the picture is totally my cutie, and slept next to me while I wrote most of the day today.)

Words Written Today: 3,005

Total: 30,186

First Sentence:

“Hopefully having fun then,” Katherine offered as she smiled.

Last Sentence:

We’ll find out.