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Today was actually a nice surprise for me word count wise. I spent most of today at a friend’s house for a game day. We’re playing Fantasy RPG (a DnD kind of game), and we get together once a month for the game, which is an amazing time. And driving home ended up being a fairly large pain because of all the snow my area got. But over all, it was an awesome day. Fun, friends, and just energy that couldn’t be beat. Of course, that also meant that I didn’t write for most of the day.

Even with that, I was able to get a really decent word count tonight. I took some time after getting home to relax after shoveling snow, grab a small bite for dinner. And then I settled in and just worked, worked, worked. And I have gotten the best word count all week.

Tomorrow I don’t have too much on my schedule, so I’m hoping to at least match today’s word count. Here’s hoping I can keep up the momentum. Even if I do actually catch the official word count before the end of November, I’m going to try and do more than minimum to finish on time. It’d be nice to hit 50K before the 30th, and maybe go over. And I know I’m going to count my sims story blog, but I’m really trying to catch word count without it, and just add that story addition as a cherry on the top. Here’s hoping.

Words Written Today: 3,699

Total: 27,181

First Sentence:

Katherine reached to pick up the statue that Samantha had shown interest in.

Last Sentence:

I was just thankful she watched the shop for a little while earlier so I could stretch my own legs and check a few things out.