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Today has been a very strange day. The office was eerily quiet, though I’m sure that’s mostly because it’s getting closer to the Holidays, and the whisper of snow had everyone wanting to stay home instead of risk it. Plus, my boss was headed out of the country for next week today, so no boss to tug us all in either. heh.

I was actually able to get a fair amount of writing done today. Which, I’m proud of myself for. Today’s words written is the average I have to keep doing in order to finish NaNo on time, so this is my goal for minimum this next week, though I’m hoping that the quieter it gets, the more words I’ll be able to get up to what I’m supposed to be at fairly easier.

Plus, I’m at a place in my novel where my motivation is starting to kick into high gear, though that also may be the quiet office where I have time to write some too. Either way, I like the outcome of today’s words.

Words Written Today: 2,589

Total: 23,482

First Sentence:

She pointed over at the boy’s camp.

Last Sentence:

She looks like she’s happy tending the shop here too.