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blanket monster

I think my day job is seriously hindering my writing. I feel like the picture above when it comes to trying to catch words when I’m stuck sitting at a desk job from 9-5. Especially when you throw in other factors, like last night I had hoped to write more after I got home from work but taking the car in for repairs, and then picking up the rental ended up taking all night. But the time I finally got to eat and finish dinner it was 9pm. And with getting up at 6:30am for work, that meant basically time to crash for the night.

I’m hoping Tuesday will go better. But, all I know is that we’ll see.

Words Written Today: 583

Total: 30,769

First Sentence: 

So you think that Kael’s daughter has a hand in it?

Last Sentence:

“I’ll make sure that security knows to watch Mitch’s tent like hawks tonight,” Stephan assured.