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Author: Bella Falls
Publisher: Evermore Press
Series: Southern Charms Mystery
Genre: Paranormal Romance, Cozy Mystery
Rating: 4 Stars
Medium: Audio Book

Back to Honeysuckle Hollow for a third time, and I can’t say that it’s getting any less magical to join Charli and her town for more mysteries and excitement. With the wedding of her cousin, Clementine, and ex-fiancé on the horizon, what could go wrong in such a magically inclined town. Especially when Tucker’s family has brought in a world renounced chef to cater the affair.

Potential spoilers ahead.

While Charli doesn’t exactly get alone with her Aunt Nora, she does get along well with her cousin Clementine, and it’s really nice to see the two of them trying to repair some of the bonds in the family despite Clem’s mother trying to stop it. After hearing a few things that she shouldn’t have between the caterer, Duke, and his employee, Charli grows concerned about his intentions and his overall person. It becomes increasingly her problem when Duke decides to rent one of the buildings on main street that her brother owns and she manages.

The guy is a world class creep of the tallest order when he makes advances on Charli when they’re alone. As if it wasn’t bad enough he wanted to move in and create direct competition for Sweet Tooth’s. Not that he gets that chance. With the soon to be groom looking like he might have done it without remembering and blame being pinned on one of the fairies in town, Charli pushes to try and figure out this mystery so it won’t hopefully ruin her cousin’s wedding or bring down a friend.

All the while, with Dash having cut off all contact with Charli after leaving, it’s left the door wide open for her to explore her feelings with Mason. Though the lingering hurt that Dash has been in contact with a mutual friend but not her does end up distracting her just a hair. But when you like someone, and you thought that they liked you, it’s definitely not an easy thing to swallow that they’re cutting you out of any communication. Especially knowing they’re find talking to a friend at least.

The characters, even the secondary ones, are all still just as vivid and alive in the third installment, maybe even more so because we really dig into the town and some of the town’s politics in this third installment of the series. I love that my concern from book two didn’t come to pass, because it wasn’t the out of towner that did the murder, and I really loved that despite everything, Charli helped to ensure that the wedding wasn’t interrupted by the murder, so Clem and Tucker could have their day before everything hit the fan with the fall out of the mystery.

I’m excited to see Clem and Charli bond and heal the family, bringing it back together. Though even with Tucker seemingly in love with Clem, it’s still worrisome and odd that he seems to still have feelings for Charli. Not that she needs any more men in her life right now with Mason doing a good job of wooing her and her mind and heart still upset about Dash. I also love that her friends in town were encouraging her to use one of the storefronts on Main Street and have her open a shop so she can really utilize her talents in magic to make a living.

I’m definitely here for the next one and can’t wait to see where it all goes both with Charli’s business as well as her relationship with Mason. And I do hope we get to see Dash again!