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Author: Alicia J. Chumney
Publisher: Alicia J. Chumney
Genre: YA, Contemporary, Jane Austen Variation, Pride & Prejudice Retelling
Found: Amazon


Focused on getting as many scholarships as possible, running and academics are the bulk of Elizabeth “Lizzy” Barnes’ life. When Liam becomes her newest teammate and classmate, she begins to wonder if there is more to life than her pursuit of a debt-free college experience.

When William “Liam” Davis’ parents are killed in a car accident, he’s sent across the state to live with his overbearing Aunt Catherine Delgado.

Starting over during his Senior year of high school was not something he ever expected to happen and he finds himself in uncertain territory as he struggles to adapt to the changes happening in his life.

Meeting Elizabeth Barnes happened to be an added bonus.

As they grow closer, Aunt Catherine gives Liam an ultimatum that disrupts their friendship: Liam and his sister can get the therapy they need if he stops being friends with ‘that Barnes girl.’

Can they overcome the obstacles in front of them or will graduation be the end of their time together?

First Impressions is the first book set in a modernized and loose adaptation of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. This story follows Liam, Lizzy, and their friends and family through their Senior Year of high school. The complete trilogy follows Liam and Lizzy through high school and college, through the trials they experience during six years of their lives.