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Author: Joelee Mayes
Publisher: Joelee Mayes
Genre: Satire
Rating: 5 Stars

The fifth and final tale of the Quirky series, The Quirky Hitman’s Daughter follows Jordan, the oldest child of Dylan, as she faces college and dating when you have an unusual family dynamic.

Jordan usually starts her dates talking about what her family life is like, not necessarily to scare the men away but to make sure they’re actually up to the task of dating someone with a quirky family. After all, who considers four parents all living in the same house and occasionally the same bed normal? Aside from Jordan, that is.

When Tommy comes along, Jordan pulls all the normal tests to see if he can last longer than the rest. Will she scare him away? Or is his family on par with hers, letting him take everything in stride? Will it work between the two?

Find out in this adorable quirky finale. I loved the finale of the series and highly recommend for a cute, quick read.