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It almost doesn’t seem like it should be Monday yet. However, here we are. Not only is it Monday, but it’s almost the end of Monday before I’m getting to this post. Mondays are always the worst at work, coming back from the weekend and all the fires. So it’s always slower to get to non-work things even during lunch.

I was able to get my current WIP typed up and ready for working on, however, Saturday I had my cousin’s engagement party to go to and that pretty much took the day. And Sunday I ended up with a super bad migraine and sleeping a third of my afternoon away. I’m just glad that I’m feeling better now.

This week, and the rest of this month, I plan to work on my WIP and see about finishing the story so that it can be edited. I was able to do some edits while I was typing up the two chapters I already had written. That felt good too. Soon. Soon it will be finished and out in the world.

And if you can’t tell by the title of my blog, it’s also my birthday week. My birthday is on Friday. I’ve taken the day off work so I can enjoy it because I almost always have to work it and I wanted to not have to worry about that this year. Just take some me time. I might write, I might play video games – I’ve fallen back into World of Warcraft recently so I’m trying to catch up on all my questing before I get the newest expansion pack. Just so I’m not overwhelmed with the new content before I really finish the content I already have. Yes, I’m on Legion currently, if you know WoW. And no, I don’t have a side for which I like better. I have a human rogue and a blood elf rogue. Though, I do play my human a lot more than any other character I have.

Aside from just having a good day, I don’t have any real plans for my birthday. Just something quiet I guess. At some point we’ll do family birthdays so I can celebrate with the family as a whole, and I may see if Mom wants to go out to dinner with me Friday or this weekend, but yeah.

Do you have any birthday traditions you always do on your birthday? Anything special foods you eat? Let me know down in the comments.