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So there will be three shorts reviewed in this post. With everything going on with trademarks and things, a small group of us got together and wrote Cocky Dragon Slayer stories. Yes, I wrote one too, and you can find that one here. But this review is about the other authors that wrote their own story.

Going into this project, we wanted to show that not only could we work together and share titles – but that the title wouldn’t define the story inside that book so much as the author writing it would. Meaning, just because something shares a title, doesn’t mean it’s the same book or it was copied or stolen. That it can be unique and able to stand on its own. Because this is how you Indie.


Author: Maddie Blake 
Publisher: Maddie Blake
Genre: Fantasy
Rating: 5 Stars

Before the dragon arrived, Kiera thought that the town of Cresent’s Cove was known for the vast library the late king had bequeathed them.  But after a renowned dragon slayer arrives, Kiera realizes that some things might be worse than a potentially fire-breathing creature that flies overhead of her home.

Loved the take on dragons, dragon slayers, and how important a library can truly be! Kiera is fierce in both her quest for knowledge against the dragon that has taken up residence near her town and the protection of the library that she works at. This is a sweet, enjoyable read that I completely recommend.


Author: Alicia Chumney 
Publisher: Alicia Chumney
Genre: Fantasy
Rating: 5 Stars

Ander the dragon has one major goal in her life – protect Princess Lilianna at all costs. When Arnold arrives to fill the shoes of his older brother – a renowned and feared dragon slayer – can Ander help him to see that dragons aren’t bad or a threat to their princesses?

Ander and the Cocky Dragon Slayer is a wonderful and fun read. It takes a fresh, interesting spin on dragons and why they’re always with princesses at castles, and a surprise twist will leave you scratching your head – in all the good ways.



Author: J’nae Rae Spano 
Publisher: J’nae Rae Spano
Genre: Fantasy
Rating: 4 Stars

Sephra has a choice. She can accept her fate to bare a War Dragon and become the concubine of his rider, or she can take a stand and battle to become the new Queen Dragon – letting her choose her own fate and live how she wants.

This was a beautiful take on both dragons and dragon slayers. The world building was stunning, the take on where dragons originated from, how they worked in this word was fresh and interesting, and Sephra was stunning as our main character.