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Author: Erin Watt 
Publisher: Erin Watt
Genre: Contemporary (Coming of Age)
Rating: 4 Stars

The compelling conclusion to Ella and Reed’s story! When book 2, Broken Prince, concluded Ella’s father had arrived at the Royal’s house and Reed had been taken into custody for murder of his father’s fiance!

Like the two books that came before it, I devoured this book – not because it’s a quick read but because I just couldn’t put it down. The pace moved quickly, and before I knew it hours had passed in my real life and the book just continued to suck me in until the very end.

The plot and drama, what would happen to Reed, how Ella’s father survived, why it took him so long to come home, and who the real murderer was kept the story flowing at a fast but not too fast paced. While it gripped me and continued to push me to read it didn’t feel like the story itself moved too fast. Just fast enough, with just enough suspense that I wanted to find out all the answers before I put the book down.

That’s not the only reason I liked this book though, I also liked how everything was brought together at the end. I felt satisfied and happy with the ending as I set the book down, though that also makes sense as it’s the end of this plot and was originally planned for the end of the series. Though, if the author ever happens to decide to publish a new Ella and Reed book, I’ll happily devour them as well.

And while this brings a close on the Ella and Reed trilogy, they did publish a duology that follows Reed’s brother East that I can’t wait to get into!