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[Screenshot provided by both Sea of Thieves for a spectacular game (that’s my character) and my friend Cassandra for her superior screenshot skills]

Ahoy hoy, fair readers!

So I’ve been completely MIA. I didn’t realize I’ve gone and not blogging for so long until I signed on and went wow. It’s been a month. Life has been… life. 

I coordinate and run a festival that is two weeks away, so trying to stay on top of everything for that has kept me super both busy and stressed because unfortunately, I don’t get the help that I really need. I’m not going to go into a sob story regarding what that actually entails or means – partially because I don’t want to dwell on it, partially because I don’t want any pity or sympathy, and partially because I’m trying to continue to move forward despite it and hashing it out would only cause me to backtrack in my thinking.

Though, I will say I had a minor meltdown last Saturday where I basically threatened (to the empty room) that if I don’t get more help for next year that I’m going to resign from being the Coordinator. This came after misplacing 20 registrations and having a minor panic attack of what happens if I never find them because I don’t remember who exactly was in that pack of registrations. The good is I DID find that packet, but the stress of losing them in the first place is still fairly fresh in my head despite being nearly a week after.

I’ve also been writing. I finished a couple books which I completely blanked on totting here, my blog, for all you lovely people to know about. I want to let them have their own posts so watch for those in the next couple days. I’m pretty proud of both, not gonna lie. I also have a slew of reviews I still need to get scheduled and posted, so those should be coming soon too!

June didn’t see me read too much. July has seen more reading – not that it’s been anything on my list which is still active for July. I’ve still got about a week and a half for getting things read and finished. Maybe I’ll see some of my Reading list completed so I can add new books to it. Also on a plus, I finally found my copy of Stalking Jack the Ripper, so definitely looking to get that book read soon.

Aside from writing, I’ve been playing a couple video games in my time away from my blog. Stress relief mostly. What games, I’m sure you’re asking?

Moonlighter is a single player dungeon crawler game where you play the last Moonlighter, the owner of a store in town and one of the only people that the dungeons will open for. So the point is to open the fifth dungeon door, learn about your past, and sell all the crap you get from killing things in your dungeon to better your shop. It’s available for PC/Mac/Xbox One – I’ve been playing it on Xbox One because I can play it from bed. No shame.

Sea of Thieves is a pirate game. The screenshot above is from the game, taken while I was sailing with some friends. You pick your pirate, and then pick your ship and set sail. Will you quest for gold, quest for skulls, or help the merchants collect animals for sale? Well, that’s up to you. The game is stunning, the developers are constantly updating and adding to the game – currently, there’s a two-week event that ends on the 25th to find mermaid statues and destroy them. And on the 31st, the Cursed Sails event is going live. You can sail alone – though you may/will run into other real-life players, or with a crew of up to four people. Cursed Sails will bring skeleton crews (npc’s) to the seas to watch for too and you have no idea how excited I am for the release. It’s available on PC/Xbox One (It’s a Microsoft game so nothing else) and it’s cross-platform. I am constantly playing with my friend on PC from my Xbox.

*Not sponsored, just honest opinions here. But I’d totally recommend trying both if you’re a gamer.

I think that’s in for me for today’s update. New book announcements to come. New reviews to come. I read a slew of shorts that I will probably review altogether in one post – for reasons that will make sense when I post it. And new posts despite me being on vacation in two weeks.

God help me it’s a week of camping. I’m praying to any god that will listen to be kind as far as the weather goes – not too hot and not rainy. *crosses fingers and toes while at it*