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How cute are these bunnies? I came out of my house the other day and they were just chillin’ out.

Of course, that was before the air turned molten and stifling. It’s gotten rather hot around here recently – so hot I ran out to the store to grab a new A.C. unit for my house because the old one, it wasn’t good.

I know I missed last week for a blog post. I have been caught up writing a new story. Several amazing writers have gotten together to write some dragon center stories. To see all the progress and chit chat about it, feel free to check out the hashtag #CockyDragonSlayer on Twitter. It’s been super fun to write, and keep each other pumped and of course the dragon gifs.

I’m working on getting a few reviews written and scheduled. So definitely watch for those!

I don’t mean to be quiet in the grand scheme of everything, but I’m really enjoying the writing of this new story, and I have two other shorts – a wolf and a witch – on the back burner that are being begged tow rite soon as well. All the writing and all the words for me!

There’s not too much else going on with me, past just continuing to try and survive this heat that’s hit the Midwest. Hopefully that cuts out some.

Stay cool, everyone! And make sure to stay hydrated in this heat! And wear sunscreen!