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Can you believe we’re a week into May!? MAY! May first came, and I don’t know about your area but in my Chicagoland area, we went from 40 degree weather to 80 degree weather. The change was insanely fast, and it’s left me wondering where Spring went because the weather has been so warm and beautiful. I honestly love being able to have my windows open, getting fresh air into the house.

Of course, living in an eighty-year-old house with no central air does mean nights are slept with a fan on to help keep me cool enough to sleep. but I manage. And I’ll take it for the warmer weather.

May is also the month where I’m participating in a Flash Fiction Workshop that’s run by an online writer’s community I’m part of. The goal is to help us write better flash fiction – 500 words or less. For me, 500 words feels like a drop in the bucket. My best friend would say it’s because I’m wordy, and she’s totally not wrong. I love my words, and I will admit to using too many to get a point across. So I felt like participating would help me try to trim down the fat in my WIPs overall. After all, if I can get a story out in 500 words after this month-long workshop, it means that I can hopefully get my descriptions in my full length novel to be more concise without losing that punch of being well said. At least, that’s my hope and goal. We’ll see how this turns out. By the end of May I should have four shorts, good or bad – but hopefully good!

This also on top of editing my drafted novel. Which means May is a super busy month for me. With the warm weather though, I’m feeling a little more motivated all around to get things done.

How is your May going so far? Are you motivated to keep working on everything? Have you hit a snag in your plans? Let me know in the comments below!