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It’s actually starting to look like Spring out there! And it’s starting to FEEL like Spring, which is even better. I was able to leave the windows open, let the winter air drift out the window while being replaced by the nice Spring air. Something my cats thoroughly enjoy too because they love to sit in front of the open window, noses pressed to the screen if possible just taking in all those scents they don’t normally have in their environment.

I even felt a little motivated and cleaned some. And you don’t know me well, but cleaning of my own motivation, verse feeling obligated out of duty to do it, is kind of huge! I also came up with this small plan that will work slowly over weekends from the front of the house to the back to clean the whole first floor. The ultimate goal is to get the house in better shape, and to the point where even if we drop things around during the week due to long days at work, that a little bit of time on the weekend will fix it right up.

And the Spring air helped motivate me to finish Chapter Three edits. So that’s been given in full to a my beta editor for review and comments, and it will go to my writer’s group tomorrow for discussion on Thursday. It’s exciting seeing this come together. And with new sets of eyes seeing things I might have missed putting in or things that could be reworked because it didn’t fully come across the way I had meant it to. Every little step tightens and makes it stronger.

It’s also becoming a habit that the beginning of the month I get very little reading done and then at the end of the month I tend to speed through novels. I’m not sure why or what happens to make the beginnings so stressful. But it’s an interesting trend in my reading that I’m noticing.

As we come to a close on this month I realize I’m falling behind on my reviewing goals so I’m hoping to get back into the swing of that better. But I’m also extremely happy to be moving toward the warm weather. It’s perking me up and I’m feeling better, refreshed now that the warm and sun is coming back.