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I stood on my porch today, bundled up in my winter coat, staring out into the world around me. I wondered – I truly wondered – where is Spring? The plants have started to grow back, those little snow covered tuffs under those bare branches are green and sprouted, soon to be or once were the start of the hopeful growing daffodils that I look forward to seeing every year. It’s so sad to see them dusted like they are.

Is Hell finally freezing over? Does someone need to page Persephone back from the Underworld, did she give up on coming back up here? Can someone please unthaw Demeter even if her daughter has decided to stay down below?

Either way, the constant up and down in weather, Friday it was 65 and then Saturday it was 32 and now it’s snowing and 28. The constant up and down tends to leave my head reeling and in pain. Which tanks my motivation for practically everything.

I have major edits still happening on Chapter 3 of my wip. I have major planning still happening with my novella project. Chapter 3 needs to be done by the end of this week, if I’m being truly honest with myself. It needs to go to my writers group by next week Monday.

And I’d like to be nearly done, or all the way done with my plotting for the novella project. I’d like to get writing on it, so that I can write that while I edit the novel. I have loved editing my novel, and finding all the ways I can tighten it up and make it better. But I miss writing new things! It doesn’t help that I have a slight case of ADD when it comes to writing either. I start on idea A, get part way in, and then idea B pops up and I wander to that, and so on and so on. It just leaves this awkward trail of half finished novels in my wake and then I get to a point where I want to pick them up and finish them but I can’t figure out which to focus on first. It’s a struggle sometimes to just get myself to hone in and focus on one story, one set of characters. But that’s what I’ve promised myself to do with my novel. And while it is a little slow going, I have been working on it – and the edited chapters are much tighter than they had been. I’m feeling good about it. And I’m trying not to let myself feel any sort of disappointed because it’s slow going, because any movement forward is an accomplishment and I should feel good about that.

How is your April going? We’re half way through, after all!