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Whelp, we’ve finished week two. And I totally meant to write this Monday but my Monday was a crazy day of never at my desk even when I had lunch. And because I took Friday off, and didn’t get much done Monday due to the running around Tuesday was the zomg kill me now catch up day. Yay?

Which leaves me today, Wednesday, finally, to catch up on all the other things in my life. Like updating this beautiful blog and you lovely readers on what is going on.

My story is coming along. I just, completely randomly and out of the blue, decided to give the story three perspectives that we rotate between occasionally. Because I decided this in chapter 5, I’ll be spending today trying to look over my first four and see if there’s somewhere I can reasonably slide character B and character C’s perspectives in so it’s not a surprise when in Chapter 5 we follow them as well.

And if I can fit in their perspectives, I’m looking to write it in today as well. I want to get everything written while I’m still in the beginning of the novel, instead of trying to remember where I should have been with these characters after I finish the story as a whole.  Hopefully it will do a good job bumping up my word count as well.

If you’re wondering, I’m still behind. Sadly. So let’s get into it. How did my week two do?

Day 6 – 1,674

Day 7 – 1,727

Day 8 – 1,786

Day 9 – 1,703

Day 10 – 0

Day 11 – 825

Day 12 – 2917

Total: 15,753 words (Goal: 20,000 words)

So, you’ll probably notice that there’s this really hard, serious dip in the middle there. Day 10 happened to be Friday. I took Friday off, and set everything aside. Not to write, but because Sims 4 released the Cats & Dogs expansion. As a giant Sims fan, that’s pretty much all I did on Friday.

I mean. Look at this little girl (the cat).

How could you say no to that little face. She was my world all of Friday. And Saturday, I donno if I was just so tired of looking at a computer I couldn’t think or what, but words just did not flow. I spent the whole day staring at my computer screen and only managed to squeak out those 800+.

I’m striving to get words done this new week, though yesterday ended up a little pitiful. Currently NaNo’s site is telling me I’ll finish my 50K words on Dec. 12th. We’ll see if I can’t push that date back to be closer to Nov. 30th. I’m definitely trying to keep up. And in the grand world view, I’m already doing better than I did last year, so that’s a win, right?

How is your NaNo Journey going? Is the story getting away from you? Are you keeping it under your pen just where you want it? Let me know in the comments.