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It’s the end of Week One of NaNo! Or was that technically yesterday? Or do you actually count NaNo Weeks by the dates, so 1-7, no matter what day they fall on counts as Week One?

For me, it’s the end of Week One, and the start of Week Two. I always start my weeks on Monday because for me it’s the start of a new Work Week, it’s the end of my relaxing after a long week, and because I just like to.

So, no matter what you count today as, we can all agree that 5 days are gone. We’re one sixth through NaNo. And by the end of today we should be one fifth through our word goal. How are you fairing?

Do you smell toast? Are there crumbled bits of paper around your work area? Does your work area still have pens or have you thrown them all in frustration (because throwing the computer would be far more costly)? Are you on count? Are you below count? Are you above count? These are very important questions! And very important answers follow.

Personally, I’m close to smelling toast and below count already. Would you like to see a breakdown of how my first five days of NaNo went?

Day 1 – 1,598 words

Day 2 – 500 words

Day 3 – 450 words

Day 4 – 147 words

Day 5 – 2,426 words

Total: 5,121 words (Goal: 8,333 words)

I’m a wee bit off. And I have roughly 5,000 words to write today if I want to be all caught up. Something I’ll try to do but I won’t count on doing because it’s a work week. The first five days of NaNo, while not terribly eventful for work, have been incredibly eventful life wise.

Wednesday, our loving starting day, I actually had a fairly light day which is why I ended up very close to my daily goal. It’s 100% backstory for one of my characters, but at that stage of the month, I figured since it factors into my story later, and I wrote it during NaNo, that it would completely count toward my word goal. Now, I do realize that this will factor into the novel itself, because that’s almost two thousand words I’ll have to pick up on the back end to finish the novel. But to me, that’s doable.

Thursday is what I like to refer to as my hell day. My office does a weekly seminar that I set up, run, manage, clean up, and reconcile payment for every Thursday. It means that I don’t get a lot of personal time or breaks, or a full hour lunch. I also had started to feel sick, so I was just happy to get any word count really.

Friday slowly tanked as well. I’ll be honest, for the first part of the morning, I played the new Assassin’s Creed: Origin instead of writing and catching up. It was my choice and I only have myself to blame. But to be fair, the game is stunning, the story is interesting, and I get to free wander around Egypt during the time of Cleopatra. How could I say no? The rest of the day (you’ll notice if I was playing a video game I didn’t go to work), I ended up sleeping because I was feeling sick to my stomach. The reason I was able to play video games all morning was because I wasn’t moving while I played. Soon as I moved, my world tipped upside down and I ended up in bed until dinner time. The nap helped, and I was off to a wedding rehearsal – one of my amazing friends was getting married and I was a bridesmaid. But being sick, word count was low because I also had trouble concentrating.

Saturday was WEDDING! Lots of primping, lots of prepping, lots of kneeling — my knees still hate me for that part, and lots of joy at seeing my friend married. However, as you’ll notice, it’s the smallest word count yet. I rolled in around 10pm from the wedding and was able to squeak out that tiny word count before I ended up falling asleep on my phone.

Sunday I did better. I pretty much locked in the afternoon for writing. It’s not my best word count for an afternoon of writing, but my back was killing me so I did my best. I surpassed my daily, and was able to inch into what I was missing at the same time. So while I’m not all caught up, I am climbing in that direction.

My goal for this week is to, naturally, write write write! I want to, at minimum get my daily in so I won’t fall any further behind for the week, and if I can write extra to catch up but if I can’t, use the weekend to write longer stints and catch up. Over all, I think it’s a reasonable goal to accomplish. I’ll be back Next week to let you know how well I’m doing, or you can keep up with me over on my NaNo Profile!

While you’re on the site, feel free to friend me! Also, drop a comment to let me know how you’re NaNo is doing? And good luck as we head into Week Two!