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Walking Thanksgiving Turkey. Isolated on a white background.

So, the turkey holiday did me in some.

I worked a half day on Wednesday, but I didn’t get much writing done because while work things didn’t eat up my time but life things did. Including getting ready for Turkey day – shopping and cooking so by the time my day came to a close for me time it was 8pm.

Thursday, of course, was Turkey day with family. A 1pm dinner time still meant that we got home about 6pm. After all the food, there wasn’t much in the need to eat for dinner after all the food that was at the family gathering at my aunt’s house. We always have more than enough food between the turkey, mushroom pie, sweet potatoes, and pumpkin pie. Plus birthday cake because my Uncle was born around this time of year so we always celebrate his birthday on the Thanksgiving gathering with the family since we’re already all together.

Today, should have, theoretically been a great day for me to get all my words caught up. And I might have some. I’m not entirely sure. See, my current NaNo word count (and subsequently what I’ve been counting on this blog) is only following a novel that I’ve been working on for a majority of November, one I plan to have done and up on Kindle by July of next year (meaning it’s finished, edited and polished in the next eight months – a reasonable plan considering it’s going to be less than 75k) and I’m getting to the ta-da of the climax already.

The catch of my word count is, I’m planning to count the Sims story blog I’ve been writing, because it’s still fiction. And a new story idea hit me this morning, so most of my words today have been on this new idea. Which means my NaNo will have a large jump at the end of the month (in three days, eep!) because I’ll be adding some side projects to my word count. But! because the current count is so small, it’s still got me breathing into a paper bag on whether or not I’m going to reach the finish line, because I’m telling my brain that it’s not allowed to total everything up. I kind of want to be surprised, for better or worse, where I actually fall once the 30th gets here and i put all the words into validating my word count on the site.

Words Written Today:  728

Total: 32,898

First Sentence: 

Come on, Kat, you gotta lighten up.

Last Sentence: 

“It’s definitely something new to see,” Katherine offered as they walked.