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I’m calling tonight quits early, though, to be fair, this is actually later than I’ve been staying up to write most nights this week. I’m still far from catching up, and every day I don’t write around 2K or more I’m falling even more behind. But! I’ve written the most today out of the rest of this week, so I’m going to call it a win. My word counts are slowly getting stronger than before, and right now I think that’s the most important thing. My story is getting written, and my word counts are growing day by day.

Words Written Today: 1,155

Total: 20,156

First Sentence:

Samantha offered idly as she snapped a couple new pictures of the yarn shop’s wall.

Last Sentence: 

It doesn’t undercut your power or position, in fact, it helps you look better at your job because people can see that you know when to reach out and actually ask for help.