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Time. It’s the bane of my existence. I always end up feeling inspired, and wanting to work on my novel when I can’t. And yesterday, my quiet afternoon was taken up by a doctor’s appointment that lasted an hour and a half. I’m having my leg looked at after the accident last week, because I’ve been having pain and it’s been hard to walk and move around much after a day of working. During the appointment, I was poked and prodded and stretched to see what hurt the worst and to assess wheres and possible why’s. They’re figuring I hit my leg on the door when I felt the car jerk, and it’s bruising on the muscle that needs time to heal. Week on anti-inflamitory meds and if it’s not better I’m to see a physical therapist and get their opinion on what’s going on.

But after that, I crashed hard from the tired from pain, because of course being poked, prodded and stretched meant that I was in pain more than normal.

Summary being, I got nearly no where on my novel. I hit 19K though, so small achievement. I’m hoping to get some done this afternoon. And most of my office will be out next week for Thanksgiving plans and vacations and things, so I’m crossing fingers that next week will be a super charged word count-ness. I can hope at least. Heh.

Words Written Today: 306

Total: 19,001

First Sentence:

Katherine paused, brow arching as she watched him stare at her.

Last Sentence:

Or in the path of getting back to camp for whoever is causing this.