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Do you ever take a look at an author you follow, after a long break of reading their books because something in life just didn’t let you get to it, or you just have so many authors it takes a while to circle back to them and by the time you do they have a long list of books that you’re now sorely behind on? That’s me right now. I have so much going on at my 9-5 and at home that I haven’t been doing much ready, as you may remember from my last update. But also, I follow so many authors, and am trying to read/keep up with so many series that occasionally I let one slip. And I turn around and what used to be on book 3 is now on book 16. And I look at my bookshelf with it’s full stacks and no space and whimper because where am I going to find space for those 13 books, and how am I going to find the time to read all 13 books, and truth be told because it’s been that long I might as well call it 16 and start at the beginning in reading them.

It’s not just one author I’ve done this with either. I have several authors I paused in my reading when their books were in single digits and now that I’m looking at the series we’re into double digits.

Aside from finding the time to catch up on them, I have another serious question that I’m facing. Do I finish out my printed, sits on a shelf collection, and buy a new bookshelf in the process, or do I throw the feel of those pages in my hand to the wind and just start getting the series in ebook format? I’m torn on which to do because as someone that suffers from very, very mild OCD it really bothers me to not have the complete collection of things, and I like the feel and weight of books in my hand while I read, and there’s something awesome about the look of them on the shelf, all together and spines cracked because they’ve been well read. On the other hand, I’m running out of space in order to store my books and I am starting to fear the move if I ever need to go anywhere.

What are your thoughts on ebook verses print copies?