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My To Be Read list is growing ever longer, and I’m afraid I’m not getting through it nearly as fast as I wished. I haven’t actually finished a book in months, and it makes me wince. Especially since new books are catching my attention all the time.

I think that I am going to try and carve out at least one hour a night, after dinner, to read. No TV. No games. Not even writing, which I’m slowly getting back into. Just me and either the book if it’s one I have in hard back or my Kindle. No distractions.

That way I can get back into reading, finishing books. And possibly fill my blogs pages with some new reviews of the books that I finish. I still have one that I am about two thirds of the way through, that I should by all rights finish. And yet my slight obsession interest with Motorcycle Clubs, thanks to Sons of Anarchy on FX – and the fact that I have biker friends, has me reading a book that is based in that society. It’s a serious step away from the science fiction/fantasy genre that I usually submerse myself in, but I’m liking the change. We’ll see which I finish first.

What is at the top of your reading list, my dear readers?