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My weekend was… well interesting. We got out to the trailer and I was able to do a massive amount less than I wanted to. Usually the schedule is we get out, mow the grass so there are less mosquitoes, dust and clean the trailer a little, put beds together, and just… rest. Which usually involves a movie after dinner and then me retiring to my section of the trailer to read/write/play Animal Crossing/etc.

That’s not exactly how it went down when we got there.  For starters our canopy ended up bulging and stretching because it caught water and just kept it instead of letting the water slide right off. But most importantly, there was a tree down over our back fence. Thankfully it missed both the storage shed and our canopy. The owner mentioned it to us when we stopped in before heading back to our spot, and had mentioned that she’d have guys out there to get it done that weekend sometime. Well, needless to say my parents couldn’t just let it sit. We spent most of Friday afternoon/night trimming all the smaller branches off of it and settling them into a pile that the owner could haul away and then thanks to our neighbor loaning a small electric chain saw, we ended up cutting a good chunk of it back, almost to the fence. Which, while we did end up doing the work the owner was supposed to do, we got some good firewood out of it. Not that it’ll be useable until next year, but firewood.

And once that was done, and we sweet talked our neighbors into mowing for us later that weekend so we could leave, we went home. And then spent that afternoon sprawled and lounging at the house because zomg tired from being up since 6am Sat morning. And Sunday wasn’t any better. Though I did figure out approximately how far I’m behind on my word count. And the numbers ain’t pretty.

My original goal was about 667 a day. Averaging that up to 700 words a day, I should have had 18900 by today done.  I have 2000. See what I mean about not pretty? My goal, starting today, is to average between 700 and 2000 words a day so that come July 31 I’ll be caught up.

And that offer to accept prompts to get more juices flowing in the original work direction still stands.