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So about a mouth back to date I decided to restart, and for the most part reboot, my novel. And since then it got to about two thousand words before my life and the world kept me busy. And I’m well aware that these are excuses and not reasons. I should be able to find a couple hours in the day to sit down and crank out a thousand words. And I plan to do that starting roughly Sunday.

I’m back into the swing of going to my job and chiropractic visits, and I’ve dropped from three times a week to two times a week now, which will open up a little more of my afternoon until I get hired as full time at work. And the massive project that was getting a Newsletter is now finished and over, and I wanna say about 60% of the five page Newsletter was written by me. Never again. NEVER AGAIN. I will have help next time if I need to crack out a whip. But it’s done. It’s been emailed out. So now I can take a deep breath and focus on my novel.

To make up for the month behind-ness of everything, I’m planning to set my daily word count goal at two thousand words a day so that hopefully by August I can drop back down to one thousand a day, or keep up the two thousand pace and get the rough draft finished that much quicker. Goals, but I don’t want to burn myself out with them either.

There’s also the question of whether I should try to participate in NaNoWriMo this November, but I think part of that will depend on where I am in my WIP. Whether I’m far enough along that I can share headspace with a new WIP or whether I’m still far enough from the end that 50K in 30 days would do me some good. It’s all a matter of how hard I crack the whip on myself.

Later today and into tomorrow I’ll be heading off to the wilderness of Indiana. Camping. Partially to see how the campground is doing so we have an update for the fest I coordinate in August, and partially to see how my, and my parents, trailer has faired the flooding and storms out in the area. I’ll be printing out what I have of my WIP to get back into the headspace and see about writing a little more of it by hand while I’m out there. Means I’ll have to type it up later, but if it gets words on a page, I’m good with it.

Though I’m thinking of figuring out some prompts to get me back into writing original work and not fandom stuff too. Just to get the juices flowing better. Any suggestions? They’ll be posted when I answer them, if you give me some.