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Author: Paula Lester and Lisa B. Thomas
Publisher: Paula Lester and Lisa B. Thomas
Series: Beachside Books Magical Cozy Mystery
Genre: Paranormal Romance, Cozy Mystery
Rating: 3 Stars
Medium: Audio Book

As Paige settles into her home in Comfort Cove, Texas with her bookstore. She’s even back to trying to write again now that she’s settled in. However, things pick up because a famous director has created a treasure hunt that promises the winner a role in his new movie, and the clues seem to hint at Comfort Cove so of course actors have flocked to town. But when one of the treasure hunters ends up dead on the beach, and Paige’s Detective brother sets his sights on Paige’s new assistant as the killer, it’s a race to find out who did it before her assistant is put away for something he may not have done.

Possible spoilers ahead.

We’re greeted to Paige settling into life in the bookstore, living in the small bedroom above the shop in the building, it’s left her without having to actually find a place to live now that she’s settled in the little town. Though she can’t officially tell if the uptick of customers in the shop are because the town has an influx of treasure hunters and actors looking for a prize or the cute new guy manning the till behind the counter for her. Either way, for the most part, Paige isn’t going to complain. Or well, not as long as they’re buying stock from her shop at least.

But when Paige’s brother adds her new assistant, and several other actors, to the suspect list after a body is found on the beach, Paige decides to get involved with the investigation, with the help of her new witchy coven. Her brother, naturally, doesn’t love that she’s getting herself involved in a police matter, but she does help some in finding out the who dun it.

Coupled with treasure hunters that are claiming to have found the treasure and stirring up more trouble, the town starts to get a little more chaotic. There is a good twist at the end with the treasure, which I was pleasantly surprised by, and overall it’s another cute book. I will say that for a series that’s supposed to be a ‘magical’ cozy, I’m not getting a lot of magical. It’s mostly just a bookstore owner getting involved in her brother’s business because he’s the detective and saying she’s in a coven.