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Author: Bella Falls
Publisher: Evermore Press
Series: Southern Charms Mystery
Genre: Paranormal Romance, Cozy Mystery
Rating: 4 Stars
Medium: Audio Book

Back with Charli, only we’re headed out of Honeysuckle Hollow because there are some things that Dash has to handle back home in Red Ridge. Their bond doesn’t do so well when they’re apart, which means an automatic trip up to witness exactly how pack life goes for the shifter and his pack. A trip I was both prepared for and not fully prepared for, but loved every minute of while we were on that journey.

Probably Spoilers Ahead.

As a whole, I think this was my favorite book of the series. The story was just a little darker than the past books, coupled with the pack politics that we take a hard dive into. We, and Charli, aren’t just getting a peak at the pack politics and life, but are literally thrown to the wolves to learn it.

A death in the Red Ridge shifter pack means Dash has to sniff out the killer and find what happens. But in order to investigate the death with Charli in tow, they also have to play the intended card which doesn’t go too well with some of the other pack members. Some, especially after his brothers no so careful handling of the pack, have a grudge against witches as a whole now. So when Dash starts bringing her around and basically saying they’ll be mated so it’s fine that she’s there, it doesn’t go over well.

I was a little worried romance wise how this was going to play out considering they were still bonded to. But I’m happy with how the romance portion of the book and storyline settled by the end. I also really loved how the bond played into the story and how they were able to use the bond to their advantage but also how it ended up being a weakness between them for a very dangerous reason as well.

The wrapping up of the bond felt a little too snap my fingers and it’s done and you can go on your way now. However, I can live with it because I liked how the book as a whole went. I did really like getting to see her worlds shifters and how they run both on a how they interact together but also on how they interact with the law here.

As a whole this was my favorite book of the series so far. However, I’m curious and excited to see where we go with the note from her cousin at the end of the book, setting up for the newest one that feels like it will be released forever from now =)