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For Holiday gifts that you give to family and friends, I always find myself wondering if I should try and make something or if I should try and find a gift that either makes me think of them or off a list they give me.

For a few years just out of college when I was still trying to find a job some of the DYI was because I just couldn’t afford to purchase gifts for everyone I needed to – even five years ago things are expensive at times. However, I’m crafty enough and I enjoy doing it a lot, so making my gifts has been kind of fun over the years. I’ve made blankets, baked goods, and this year I decided to expand my scope a little and use an annual tradition with my one aunt and uncle.

Every year, I give my aunt and uncle an ornament for their tree. It goes back far enough I couldn’t even tell you what year I started doing it, because for as long as I can remember, it’s been part of my gift to them. This year, especially with all the painting I’ve been doing, I decided I wanted to try my hand at making an ornament for them.

Though, that lead to questioning what color I should be making the ornament in. Which prompted me to try out a few colors in my process – as well as testing out both glass ornaments and plastic ones. Overall, I think they came out really well. Though I’m still no closer to trying to choose which one to give them.

Do you like doing DYI gifts for family and friends? If so, what do you make for them? I’d love to know what other crafters enjoy making, especially as gifts.