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There is just something incredibly adorable about being able to have my cat in any of the photos that I take either on purpose or on accident. I set the books down to grab a shot of them and he just flopped right down next to them. He also tried to chew on one and catch one of the keychains as well.

I almost had the perfect shot lined up, but my mom opened the door and it ended up getting him distracted and this was the only shot I was able to capture of him. But that’s also the joy of trying to photograph pets, they never completely do what you want them to do.

The books were supposed to look a little more whole in the shot. Like the below.

This shot came out well too. All to show off the beautiful new Hardbacks of Hotel Fen. It came out lovely in the hardback matte finish. So yes, it’s now available in hardback on Amazon as well! While the photo is of the proofs, because the proofs came out lovely, they’ve been pushed through to publication.

Do you have any pets? Any cute photos with them? I always love seeing other people’s pets.