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By end, of course I mean the end of the year. We have 17 days left in this calendar year if you count today as well. I’m not even sure where most of it went, if I’m being honest. I feel like it should still be closer to like July or August, not rolling into 2021 shortly.

I didn’t get as much writing, editing, or reading done as I’d hoped to accomplish this year. I always seemed to be doing the, I’ll get to it soon dance and of course, as in most cases when that word is involved, soon never came.

And while the pandemic did keep us at home, keep me working from my desk with my cats, I was still working the job that pays the bills. Something which took an ever increasing time out of my day because while it’s been nice to not have to commute, to snuggle with a fur baby when the day is getting long and frustrating, and I could sleep in just a little more. Because I was moved into a different position at work, one that came with a lot more work, it meant that my balance was thrown off in everything too. Where normally I knew I had time during certain parts of the day, I no longer had them, and where I normally rolled out of work at 5pm, because things needed to get done by certain times, I now found myself rolling out of work closer to 6/6:30pm.

I have been writing. I have a few stories in the fire at the moment that I’m working on. Some shorts, editing my faerie novel, and working on a Norse Mythology based thing with a friend. All things I’m excited for and all things that are slow going as I work out the time to get them done.

Truly, if there were a way to get things straight from my brain and onto paper in a quick, flash motion, that would be fantastic, because I have so much in my head and so little time to get it onto paper. And then of course there’s the issues where occasionally things get lost in translation from my brain to my fingers, which I never understand. If I had it in my brain perfectly before I fell asleep, and my dream of it was vivid, why is it such a pain to get it out onto paper.

And with it being the Holiday time of year, I’m getting gifts and cards and things together. And of course I decided I needed to do home made gifts for my family, which takes what little time I have and blows it up again. But hopefully people will like their gifts and everything.

How is your end of the year going? Are you ready for Christmas? Are you sending gifts to family members? Cards to friends?