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So, I was prepared to come on and say that while my writing hasn’t been that successful the last week. I think I’ve written a total of like 600 words, and I’m already considering scrapping them for something different, but at least I’ve written.

But I just received an email about a co-worker passing this weekend. So I’m not as up as I was when I started to write this post. It’s the fourth death in my circle in the last couple weeks. It’s been a hard March so far. Two were family members of people I work with, and two – including this most recent – were people I worked with on a semi-regular basis.

So instead of rambling or discussing word count or goals, I’m just going to leave you with these origami sculptures that were at the Arboretum near me a few years ago. There was an incredible sense of peace and reflection as I wandered the grounds to find them all. And I feel like for today, I need that peace and reflection again.

Each piece was folded out of a giant piece of paper, that was then used to create a mold for the metal to be poured into so that each fold was shown in the sculpture itself.

All credit for these beautiful pieces of art goes to the artist, Kevin Box. The exhibit’s official name was Botanical Peace. Morton Arboretum’s name for it was Origami in the Garden.