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I didn’t disappear for a freezing cold month, you did!

No seriously, I hope everyone in the path of that polar vortex stayed warm and inside. The weather has gotten to me the last few weeks and coupled with some super stress at work I haven’t been doing too much besides my 9-5 job. Things at work are slowly calming down, just too many things hit the fan at the same time and it left me feeling like I was sinking a little. So  I’m super grateful that that’s coming to an end.

It also means writing hasn’t gone very far this last month, and neither has reading. Most of my reading in January has been in audiobook form, which still counts but even those have been a little slower. I’m hoping to work through all this and get back into writing. I have a couple stories that are close to completion I want to finish, and one story I need to finish editing so I can release it end of this month, early next month. I have goals! I swear!

I’m also going to a Science Fiction Convention this weekend. Currently taking a gander at the programming schedule so I can get an idea of what I want to go to, where I’ll wander, and when I’ll just curl up in a chair somewhere and see about writing either in my room or out in the open. Apparently, there’s a big enough writing community that attends that they have a ‘Writer’s Room’ which hosts writing sprints in the morning both Friday and Saturday.  So I might head that way if there aren’t any other panels I want to attend and both meet new people and get some writing in.

I’m excited to get a break from work and head somewhere fun. Also always curious what fun treasures I’ll find in the dealer’s room for sale. So I’ll definitely make sure to report on that next week after I’ve returned home.

Hope you’re staying warm!