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Author: Golden Angel 
Publisher: Golden Angel
Genre: Science Fiction Romance
Rating: 4 Stars

Tarrik, a Hadesian, and Juliette, a human, sign up for Celestial Mates for reasons that do not include hoping to actually find a mate. But Celestial Mates is the best agency in the galaxy for a reason.

Tarrik enjoys his life, flying from planet to planet with his crew as he carts cargo to and from for his parent’s company. It’s a free life and one that lets him see the galaxy. But when his parents decide that he’s more than old enough to start considering settling down, spawned by their own want to be able to travel the galaxy while he stays planetside to run the business, he finds himself agreeing to sign up for Celestial Mates to appease them even if it’s not something he wants.

Juliette runs the wrong side of a very powerful organization as a hacker and needs an escape from Earth as quick as possible, which leads her to sign up for Celestial Mates in a way to get off world and into hiding faster than she had hoped to.

Neither are interested in making it work, but in the mix of everything going on will they find love anyway?

I loved the take on the different aliens that inhabited this galaxy, the author was creative in not just the kinds but also how they inter-mixed and their offspring gained the traits of both parents. I also loved being able to see some of it through Juliette’s eyes since she’d never been off Earth before. It was fun being able to explore that way.

The book passes between Tarrik’s point of view and Juliette’s point of view, and it’s helpful to be able to see where both of them are coming from as they go back and forth in this pairing that’s put them together. Switching between both views gives a good view of Juliette as she slowly integrates into Tarrik’s life and with his crew, how he feels about it and how she slowly starts to see if she can really live this way or not.

I enjoyed the writing and the characters a lot, and I’m definitely interested in reading more from this author in the future.