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Author: Erin Watt 
Publisher: Erin Watt
Genre: Contemporary (Coming of Age)
Rating: 4 Stars

Ella Harper spent her whole life moving from town to town with her mother, struggling to make ends meet. After her mother dies, it leaves Ella alone, striving to finish high school as she does what she can to support herself and not get found by social services and put in foster care. Her goals involve finishing High School, going to College, and finding a way to give herself a normal life.

Everything changes when Callum Royal appears in her life claiming to be her legal Guardian. He turns Ella’s life upside down when he brings her home to his posh mansion on the ocean, one shared with his five sons who all automatically hate her appearance in their lives and at their Prep School.

The story caught my attention right out of the gate. I was instantly hooked and wanting to find out what would happen, why these five guys automatically hated her, and if she’d stay or find a way to run and go back to her old life at some point. The world is filled with complex characters, some that make you care for them and others that make you want to knock their teeth in.

I finished Paper Princess within 24 hours of starting it. And the cliffhanger it ends on had me picking up book two, Broken Prince, immediately. And less than 12 hours later I had devoured Broken Prince.

I’m trying not to give too much away, which is why there’s not a LOT of saying what’s up in book two. But I will say it was a fantastic read, and there’s not a lot that has me finish a book in less than 12 hours – and it’s not because it was a short book but rather because it truly was that interesting.

I love the Royal family, and have to say that I love seeing them stand together for family. I’m already itching to pick up book three and continue my journey in this posh and luxury filled world.

If you like mystery, intrigue, and don’t mind a little bit of sex – this is definitely a book for you. The plot has you hanging, wondering what will unfold next, who’s behind it, and what in the world is going on.

Book two did end on a cliffhanger as well, which may be why I’m itching to read it. So be aware, these do tend to end with a ‘WHAT?!’ moment.