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Author: Cassandra Larsen 
Publisher: Cassandra Larsen
Genre: YA Urban Fantasy
Rating:  5 Stars

Waking up on her seventeenth birthday, Emerson wakes up to discover that her life is changing more than she expected. Her not so simple, but fairly normal life is being turned on its head and she suddenly finds her self in a world where magic exists and being alone in it can be life threatening and dangerous. Luckily for her, Caiden, a boy from her school comes forward to help her navigate this new world and helps her to learn her powers and the fact that she’s not as alone as she thinks she is, and that there are witches everywhere and she never knew it.

To say I liked the book is probably an understatement. I couldn’t put the book down – and that’s not a cliched embellishment on my part. I started reading this book at like 1pm, and didn’t stop reading until 11:30pm when I finished it. The pacing is good, the characters and their relationships are believable. And the witch aspect is so deeply rooted in actual Wicca that it’s a refreshing change from other witch books where it’s all fantasy spells and waving a magic wand. Not to say that there’s anything wrong with those books either, I have more than a couple on my shelves. But having it based in Wicca is a nice change.

This may be a shorter review than normal, but that’s mostly because I am looking to dive into the next book in the series. A definite suggestion if you’re interested in a witchy YA urban fantasy!