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Author: Teri Terry 
Publisher: Clarion Books
Genre: Thriller Suspense
Rating:  4 Stars

Book of Lies is a first person narrated book that switches points of view every chapter between two twin sisters, who had been separated at birth and find each other seventeen years later. Piper is a practiced liar, and a girl used to getting what she wants. Quinn has been taught to never lie, and punished if she ever did. The death of their mother brings them together and sets them on a quest to find out just why their mother separated them and never told the other they had a sister.

I have to say, the first thing that drew me to this book was the cover and title. It was sitting on a shelf at Barnes and Noble, facing out so you saw this stark firey red hair to catch your attention. And Book of Lies. Who wouldn’t be interested in what that might contain.

The chapters switching between the twins I thought might be a little jarring, I don’t normally read books with switching points of view. Not because I don’t like them, but I just don’t come across many books that use that technique over all. It wasn’t as jarring as I thought it would be. Truthfully, I liked being in the head of both girl, to see how they thought, what they weren’t actually saying. It worked and flowed extremely well between the two.

The book kept me guessing on what was going on through most of it, until the big reveal at the end, though based on personalities and how the girls worked I had some suspicions as I read. What those suspicions were, and if they were right or not, well, you’ll have to read it and form your own.

I would definitely recommend this book as a read if you like mystery and suspense. It will leave you not wanting to put it down.