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Author: Mindy Klasky 
Publisher: Res Ipsa Press
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Rating:  4 Stars

Jane Madison’s life has flipped upside down. Working as a librarian, the board has seen fit to have the staff wear period clothing and she serves lattes at the main desk so the library can stay in the black. Top it off with her grandmother who is determined reconnect her with her estranged mother, a pay cut that has left her living in the cottage behind the library she works for, and a strange library on witchcraft in the cottages well locked basement and right now she’s not sure where life will take her next.

Girl’s Guide to Witchcraft is a cute paranormal romance that keeps you hoping and wishing things would turn up Jane instead of pavement and bad luck. The story is both well written and well planned out for all its Shakespeare references – something that I found incredibly fun to have sprinkled throughout the book. The Shakespeare references weren’t awkward too many, but just right and done in such a way that you felt natural for the character making them.

I enjoyed learning about Jane’s best friend Melissa and all her delicious bakery sweets, as well as quirky dates. And it was entertaining and fun to watch Jane try to pursue her Imaginary Boyfriend – the professor that always camped out at the table in front of her desk as he buried himself in his research.

I will definitely be picking up the second book in the series to see where Jane’s life, and her witchcraft, take her next!