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This weekend is going to prove to be a loud one. It already has been, truthfully. Last night, there were a ton of fireworks going off even though there is still some time before the 4th. I don’t mind them over all, so long as they’re not from the neighbors coming into my yard, but my cats don’t particularly like them or know what to do with the sounds and scares they get from the super loud noise. I expect that they will only get worse as we head toward the 4th.

Over all, my whole plan for this Holiday weekend is to try and relax some, get some reading in, and of course, getting some writing done. Camp started yesterday, after all. And Camp is all about writing. Getting those words on the page is my goal. And it shall happen. I believe in myself.

I also ended up finding a used online bookstore. So I might do a bookhaul blog once they all come in. And hopefully after some quick reads, they’re all cozy mysteries, get a couple reviews up on here. Reading and writing! It’s important for days off!

Though, tomorrow I do have half a day of work. But it’s better than a full day I guess.

How are you spending your 4th of July weekend? Do you have Monday off?

Photo by Mike Enerio on Unsplash