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Happy New Year 2016 Quotes Happy New Year, Everyone!

The end of 2015 went out in one of the most challenging ways possible. And, truth be told, I’m fairly glad that it’s over and that we’re starting a new, fabulous new year.

The long of my last week of 2015 under the reader’s cut. If you want to skip it, the end is, I’m glad 2015 is over, I’m glad to have my internet back, and I am excited to start 2016! Stay tuned in the next few days for my goals and hopes post!

So, the last week of 2015, started off with a huge ice/snow storm on Monday where the ground and everything froze. Normally, because I was already home, this wouldn’t have been a big deal, but it warmed up Tuesday and because the ice and snow was melting, but the ground was frozen and the river right by my house was already high our basement flooded. And I’m not just talking a little water, I’m talking ankle deep in the lowest spot of the basement.

So Tuesday saw my router, which the power source happened to end up in the water, blow. No internet. And, the router itself, kind of zappy and trying to electrocute anyone that wanted to touch it. Tuesday was spent pumping water out of the basement, through a hose, to the street and the sewer drain to get rid of the water. It took all of Tuesday, all night Tuesday, and most of Wednesday to get the water out.

I ended up in a tiny bump of an accident on Tuesday because, after spending all day pumping water, and up and down stairs my mom and I didn’t want to cook dinner. So we went out. My Mom backed out of a parking spot, this guy randomly just appeared behind her (I swear, we were both watching and when she started to move, there was no one. And they didn’t even honk when they saw us coming up to their car to warn us they were there and we had missed him) and we tapped him. Tiny scratch that if you rub it for a little bit just goes away. And he blew up, yelled at us while calling the cops, yelled at me in front of the cop which had the cop tell him very sternly to just go sit in his car, and had me have a fairly nice chit chat with said cop while he typed up the report, since because it was called in he has to report it. And because it was a parking lot thing, even though the guy was on the wrong side of the road, it was our fault for coming out of the space.

Thursday, with the basement now dry, I treated my mom to the new Star Wars movie. We went out with a a couple of my friends, made a day of it, and over all, had a fabulous time getting out of the house. The movie? Fantastic. I won’t post spoilers, I know people still have to see it. But seriously, go see it. It’s amazing, they did a fantastic job on everything, and I’m already excited for Episode VIII! Ringing in the New Year itself was a quiet affair. I’m not a big one for clubs and all my friends either celebrated quietly or were out of town partying it up.

The New Year started off with a day spent at my Aunt’s with family. Some of the usual family had another shindig to go to, so it was a smaller set of people, which made it nicer because I was able to talk to family I don’t always have time to talk to when ALL of the family is there. (My family is kind of huge. A good chunk of us flew into a small town in Ohio for my Great Aunt’s 90th birthday this last October and it kind of took over the main hotel in the town for a few days, and that was only about a fourth of the actual family. My mom is one of six kids, my grandfather was one of four, and many children are kind of a running theme in our family. So even a small get together is kind of large.) So yes, the 1st was spent with good food, good family, and a lot of talking. And because I’m going to attempt a temperature blanket, a stop at JoAnn Fabric for my color base for the different temperatures.

Yesterday saw the internet tech arrive to fix the router. Mostly, take the old router away, and bring the new router in. We even discussed it and moved the router out of the basement and up to the first floor, so that the flooding zappy problem wouldn’t ever happen again. Though according to his reader, something down there is still sending MASSIVE electrical readings, so when we go to unplug the computer set up and move it upstairs I was told to be exceedingly careful with it all. And the night ended with my friend coming over, us finishing season three of 2 Broke Girls, and watching Age of Adaline.

So, 2015, kind of a crappy end to the year. 2016, had a warm, inviting feel to it. I’m excited to start the new year, I’m excited for the wonders the new year might hold, and I’m excited to tell you all the things I have planned for the new year! But this post has grown kind of long, so I will leave you hear for now, lovely readers.

How did your New Year start off? With a fabulous party? With a quiet night at home with friends and family? With a nap and an alarm clock to wake you just in time to count down? Let me know in the comments!